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News of the world

I see several of my former co-workers pretty regularly (we are, after all, friends) and thus keep up with what's going on at the old place. Recent news has been particularly interesting.

One person whose job was their whole entire life now has no more job, and extreme doubts have been expressed by all and sundry as to whether this person can now get a life.

One person who brown-nosed into a cushy position got demoted and now has to work a regular shift like everyone else, and is not taking kindly to it.

One person who was at the bottom of the ladder at the old workplace is now much closer to the top at another location thanks to the intelligence and hard work that were not recognized at the old place.

A retirement party was held which was attended by many in the spirit of "don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out."

Everyone seems cheerful, which is not something that could often be said in years past. Things are, apparently, looking up.
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