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It's a slow news day

I'm really going to try to write more often, but who knows how that will go.

I cut down my friends list today so I can better keep up. Nothing personal involved in the de-listing process.

Our granddaughter is 12 weeks old already. I am boggled by this. I am also in full-blown granny mode worrying that she's warm enough. I bet my kids thought I'd worn that one out on them. Nope. Time to dig out all the fabric store coupons and make some baby bags and overalls. There is a new super duper whizbang JoAnn store that just opened up not far from here, so I don't have to drive across the mountains to buy fabric any more.

When my granddaughter turns 18 I will be 80. That seemed impossibly old when I was 18 and my grandfather was 80, but now it doesn't seem so very far away and since I take better care of myself than my parents did, I'm pretty sure I'll make the date where they didn't.

I recently got a big laugh out of the lady who cuts my hair when I asked her if she could put in blue highlights. Highlights, sure. Blue, no. I guess I am going to have to hit up Cinema Secrets for some semipermanent blue coloring and go it alone. I mean, I'm certainly old enough to be a blue-haired lady now.

We got rid of our last CRT TV two weeks ago, the little one that survived the Northridge earthquake because the cable caught it just before it went face down on the floor. Put it out by the curb and the scavengers got it. There are people who troll the neighborhoods right before the trash truck is due to trundle through, and they'll pick up pretty much anything. The monitor we put out at the same time as the TV took another day to disappear.

Bought two new DVD players last week. It was supposed to be one new DVD player, but I foolishly assumed that searching for "blu ray player" on Amazon would turn up only, duh, Blu-Ray players, so I clicked something I shouldn't have. And then found that it would cost about half the price of the unit to ship it back, so I've got that one (a plain old DVD player) in the office and the newly arrived Blu-Ray player in the bedroom. The manual made the Blu-Ray player look more complicated than the space shuttle, but it actually isn't. And via some kind of magic, when you put a disk in, it turns on the TV and switches the input for you. Unfortunately, when you turn off the Blu-Ray player it does not switch the input on the TV back and turn it off, but I suppose you can't have everything.

We don't have many Blu-Ray disks, and in flipping through our DVD collection I didn't see very many that I'd consider replacing.

And speaking of disks, I'm watching "Spartacus: War of the Damned" via Netflix disk and have been very annoyed that that arrogant prick Julius Caesar can't be killed off.

I've now been on Weight Watchers for over a year and most of the clothes in my dresser are the wrong size. I am not complaining about this. I actually got a pair of size 16 Diva jeans from Old Navy at the thrift store a couple weeks ago and they fit. A size 16 is not the same now as it was when I wore that size in high school, but I'm dancing around just the same. Walking up to the thrift store and browsing around is also good exercise. I'm not buying new clothes till my sizes quit changing, with the occasional exception like the cowl neck shirt from LL Bean and the reversible damask jacket from TravelSmith that was on super ultimate closeout and which served as a good reward for losing 25 pounds a couple months ago. I don't quite fit into the lightweight silk-linen blazer I got from WinterSilks as a reward for losing 30 pounds, but by the time it's warm enough to wear it, I will.
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