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More on Weight Watchers

OK, so it's been about a month now.

I'm using half the insulin I used to use. My blood sugar numbers are closer to normal than they've been in years. I've been losing weight slowly but steadily.

I have more energy. I'm sleeping better. I've found that some of the things I used to eat have no appeal whatsoever any more. Made it through Halloween without eating one single piece of candy. Of course, deliberately choosing candy that didn't appeal to me much helped. :)

The WW app for my phone needs some work (its database is noticeably more limited than the one on the web site, for one thing) but it's really helped me make better choices when we eat out. I love the bar code scanner, but the limited database means not everything I scan comes up with a Points Plus value. Oh well, the calculator works fine. Just wish more restaurants would post full nutrition guides (I'm looking at YOU, Souplantation).

I wasn't planning to continue when my three free months were up--until I discovered how much less the online-only WW costs. Now I'm planning to stick with it. I have a goal weight in mind that isn't what the charts say I should aim for, but for me it would feel right (and I'd need a new wardrobe, which I find very appealing). First, though, I need to reach my 5%-reduction goal, which if all goes well should be this week.

I never even considered WW before, and I'm old enough to remember when they started. It was primarily because of the cost of the meetings, but also, the system they used originally wasn't very appealing. This Points Plus system is ridiculously easy. And it's not a "diet." I can eat anything I want, as long as I make it a portion size that fits into my Points Plus budget for the day. They even make allowances by giving you extra Points Plus to be used throughout the week so you can still make your weekly goal even if you go over for any individual day.

So, thank you ADA for getting me started, and thank you WW for surprising the living daylights out of me with how well this all works.
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