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yo, heave ho

I'm doing some office cleaning, and one of the things I'm doing is going through a drawer full of old backup CDs and DVDs. I do not need to keep a goodly number of these disks around, but I'm just checking to see what's there before I run them through the shredder.

I guess I should feel good about backing up the same junk multiple times, but heaven help me if I'd actually had to find something I needed on these disks. A bunch of them were made with backup software I no longer have, so those can just be put in the shred pile without looking. The others, though--there are actually a few things I want to save, and a few other files that I'd like to set aside to go through at my leisure, picking out a few things and dumping the rest. So I'm moving them to what Peter Walsh would call a "vision pile" on my hard drive. During the next week I'll whittle down the contents to two or three archives to be moved to DVD.

I found a bunch of truly toxic files from about ten years ago that I will really enjoy sending through the shredder. I do not need that kind of negative energy near me ever again. I got rid of the printed version years ago and had no idea the electronic version was still lurking around. It's all headed to the trash. I am happy.

It's a small thing, but it's another step to having nothing around me but positive energy. My business is going well, my writing is going well, life in general is going well. Within a month or two we're going to empty everything out of the office, paint the walls and ceiling, and rearrange everything when we put it back. Already figured out what we want to do and where everything is going to go. Now to just put it all on the calendar and move on!

I think 2012 is going to be a very good year.